Our Security Services

We have categorised our services to suit different client requirements. We hope once you have reviewed each service, it will be easier to determine exactly which service you require. These categories have no bearing whatsoever on the pricing of our services apart from the Close Protection & Asset Protection services, which are charged at a higher rate. However, it is worth noting that these higher rates remain competitive & are comparable to, if you like, to a northwest rate & not a London rate.

This may all sound complicated but really we only have two categories. These are;

  • SimmSec Protect
  • SimmSec Events

Protect consists of three sub-categories which are Close Protection/Bodyguard & Asset Protection. As stated above the Close Protection & Asset Protection Services are charged at a higher rate, due to the nature of their capacity.  

Events has only one category, but covers a multitude of services & tasks necessary for event security. The dress code for this service, as is for all of our services, is how you would like it. We are a bespoke service that listens to our clients needs & requirements, so you can basically design your own security/stewarding.

All of our operatives for every service that we provide, are asked to be as friendly, approachable, professional, adaptable & discreet as necessary as well as promoting the highest levels of customer service & hospitality. We do not brawl, we communicate verbally, from the moment your guests or clients arrive within our presence. Our supervisors & stewards are trained in-house regularly in Conflict Management including scenario's. We do not tolerate any thuggish behaviour or abusive language from any of our staff, whilst working at any type of event. 

Our aim & objective is to stand out from the rest & if you read some of our clients & associates reviews, we believe you will see that we do already.