NVQ Level 2 Conflict Management

Conflict management

Conflict Management:

This course will identify methods of dealing with different people and situations involving clients, colleagues and the general public”
We will deliver a course designed by McCormack Training, that will help deal with the increasing need to train your staff in dealing with violence, aggression, bullying and intimidating behaviour of a challenging manner in the interest of personal safety in the workplace and whilst out and about.

We'll cover the knowledge of conflict management and candidates will learn about principles of conflict management, how to recognise, assess and reduce risk, how to communicate in emotive situations to de-escalate conflict, how to develop and use problem solving strategies for resolving conflict and good practice to follow after conflict situations. Candidates will also have the opportunity to participate in the practical scenarios.

Having a sound knowledge of effective communication techniques and the ability to recognise and respond effectively will provide individuals and the organisation with the skills to prevent or reduce them. In turn, this will reflect on the professional image of the organisation and its staff.

Course Content:

Attitudes and the behaviour cycle
Body posture
De-Escalation Techniques
Facial expressions
Non-verbal communication
Space awareness
Stress — cause and effect
Violence escalation spiral

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