Close Personal Protection

Safeguarding the image, reputation & personal security of business people & VIP’s in a range of environments. Our belief is that the best VIP protection security is based on advance preparation & planning, timely information, liaison with local authorities, & the use of highly trained professionals.

SimmSec have found that most people do not like the “mob” effect of protection that seeks to smother or cover the protected person with a physical presence. Good protective work is seldom seen but always present & has done its homework on venue risk, transportation routes, itinerary, integrity & is not easily flustered due to changes. We also take into account the style and specific needs of the person we’re protecting.

Our clients range from business people and people of fortune, Companies to individuals. Every client is different, every close protection task is different. Language and lifestyle considerations are always taken into account. Female operatives can be supplied to suit any family needs and/or situations where children are involved.

We also assist any outside close protection agents with regards to local knowledge & familiarisation of Liverpool/Merseyside. Over the years, we have built up business relationships & rapports with other local business owners, so therefore are able to provide all manners of requests from transportation, accommodation, fine dining to suit all dietary requirements, suitable licensed venues, theatres & football grounds & so on.

Sporadic events & incidents can occur at any time, in any city & thats why we have ensured to leave no stone unturned, when we have risk assessed this great city, to ensure our clients are not only satisfied with our bespoke service, but also come back to us each time. We work all over the UK & assist abroad also, extensively planning & risk assessing every step of the way.

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